What is a Golf Towel Used For?

If you enjoy playing golf, you undoubtedly already realize how important it is to carry a golf towel. However, some inexperienced golfers could neglect this adaptable item that is necessary for any golfer’s equipment.

Similar to how you’d never forget to include your clubs or golf balls, the golf towel is a multipurpose piece of equipment that should always be in all golf bags. The several benefits of having golf towels in your bag while out on the course are listed below.

Why Do You Need Golf Towels in Your Golf Bag?

There are many significant benefits to keeping golf towels in your bag. Even while you won’t directly use your towel to score a shot, they are crucial to your success on the course.

Your equipment needs to be cleaned most of all. Nothing will get in the way of you playing the perfect game if your tools are kept tidy.

A golf towel can also be used to protect your clothing and equipment, such as by placing one down in muddy places to prevent getting wet. Just take care to avoid breaking USGA rule 8.1a/5, which prohibits constructing stances, if it appears that you are strengthening a posture with a towel.

What Is a Golf Towel Used For?

From cleaning your golf clubs to wiping down your grips or to wiping your sweat, golf towels are critical to your play. 

Cleaning Dirty Clubs

To putt it simply, a towel to clean your clubs will help with the spin and accuracy of your shots.

Cleaning your dirty clubs while on the golf course is perhaps the most common use for your golf towel. Keeping your clubs clean is incredibly important to make sure that the grooves in your club are free of mud or dirt dug up from the course.

A club with grooves impacted by grass or dirt has less surface area, which may impose less spin on your shots. Decreasing your shot spins means less control and may mean that your ball flies in an unintended or inconsistent direction. 

Additionally, damp or wet courses can make your clubs especially dirty. A towel ensures that you can wipe off your driver or your putter before putting it in your bag, so it is ready to use for your next turn. Golfers of any ability will want a clean putter to secure their best shot.

Cleaning a Dirty Golf Ball

Just as you want to clean your clubs, you’ll want to use a towel to keep your golf ball clean. 

When on the golf course, a clean ball could directly impact your game, so you must keep your golf ball clean. A dirty ball can impact many aspects of your shot and is especially important for the spin, which alters the ball’s flight and trajectory.  

A ball caked in mud is likely to send a ball in an unwanted direction.

Wiping Down Your Grips

A dry golf towel lets you remain in control of your club by eliminating any moisture on your grips.

Many golfers play on the course even in less than ideal weather conditions. Wiping down your grips on your putter is essential for the days that it is excessively hot or wet.

Keeping your grips dry is essential. Most grips consist of rubber, polymer, or other synthetic materials that can become slippery when wet. Even with the help of a glove, it can be challenging to hold onto your golf club. A dry club is the best way to ensure you can swing your best shot.

Wiping Sweat

Another reason to always have a towel with you in your backpack is to use it to wipe sweat off your hands and face. Many golfers even like to carry a second towel just for this purpose.

Before you swing, being able to wipe your hands or forehead may make all the difference in your performance. You probably don’t want to use the same towel on your face that you used on your putter or balls, though. Equipment towels will contain dirt, grass, and other field detritus in addition to traces of the chemicals used on the course.

Due to this, you should always have two golf towels on hand to be prepared for any cleaning requirements.

Cleaning Golf Bags and Golf Shoes

Another reason to always have a towel with you in your backpack is to use it to wipe the sweat off your hands and face. Even some golfers favor carrying advertisements When you’re on the course, dirty bags and golf shoes are less of a concern. But after their round on the course, some golfers load their equipment into the trunk or backseat. These golfers clean their bags after a round to prevent mud and grass from getting into their vehicles and homes.

The same rule applies to your shoes; you don’t want to lug around any grass or mud. Additionally, high-quality equipment is expensive, and maintaining your gear in good shape will ensure that it lasts you through several seasons.


How Many Towels Should Be in a Golf Bag?

We recommend that you carry at least one towel in your bag, if not two. One will be enough for the primary purpose: keeping your equipment free of debris. 

A second is advisable for additional tasks, such as wiping sweat, keeping your grips dry, and cleaning your bag or shoes.

Why Does a Golf Towel Have a Hole in the Middle?

Golf towels have an opening in the middle intended to make your life easier while on the green. The hole is there so that you can drape the towel over irons so that it stays in place in your bag and makes access a breeze. The hole alleviates the need for a loop or clip to keep everything in place.

How Do You Use a Slit on a Golf Towel?

The slit lets you slip your golf towel over a club to keep it in place. Generally, you would choose one that you might not use as often, and doing so will keep everything secure while on the green.

Where Do You Put Your Golf Towel?

Most golfers will hang their towels on a hook or ring located near the top of their golf bag. Standard bags have hooks or rings intended for this specific purpose. Otherwise, you can drape your towel over your irons using the hole. 

What Towel Do Caddies Use?

Caddies choose towels that are thick, soft, and plush. Many will go for the most absorbent one possible for cleaning down equipment. A long-lasting and durable towel is needed, and a combination of cotton and polyester is preferred. 

The right towel is durable and long-lasting and will hold water and dirt so that you can clean your clubs and other golf accessories and focus on playing your best game yet.


Golf towels are an incredibly versatile tool to have in your arsenal and are a purchase that you will not regret. From the quality of your shot to the tightness of your grip, all avid golfers will utilize a towel to elevate multiple aspects of their game.

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A golf towel is an essential accessory for any golfer, both amateur and professional. It serves multiple purposes, making it a valuable addition to your golf bag. Here are some of the ways a golf towel can be used:

  1. Wiping down clubs: Golf clubs can get dirty from grass, mud, and sand, which can affect their performance. A golf towel can be used to wipe down clubs before and after a shot, ensuring that they are clean and ready for the next shot.
  2. Drying hands: Golfers’ hands can get sweaty, especially in hot and humid conditions. A golf towel can be used to dry off hands before gripping the club, which can improve your grip and control over the club.
  3. Cleaning balls: Golf balls can get dirty from grass, sand, and other debris. A golf towel can be used to clean balls before hitting them, which can improve their flight and distance.
  4. Providing a clean surface to place clubs: A golf towel can be used to provide a clean surface to place clubs on while you are on the course. This can be especially useful if you are playing on a muddy or wet course.
  5. Wiping sweat: A golf towel can be used to wipe sweat off your face and neck to keep you cool and comfortable while you play.
  6. Covering clubs: A golf towel can be used to cover clubs while they are in your bag to protect them from the elements.

In conclusion, a golf towel is a multi-purpose accessory that every golfer should have in their bag. It can be used for cleaning clubs, drying hands, cleaning balls, providing a clean surface, wiping sweat, and covering clubs.

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